Brian Canevari

Life can, and should be fun! Born 1970, raised as a laborer, educated in architecture and design, experienced in program and project management, Brian Canevari combines hard work with knowledge to make a better world. Work as an artist has formed a vision of the world, while work in architecture has developed a respect for the trials and successes of life with gravity. See brian on Linkedin Brian is simultaneously the President of KOKUA Bikes USA, helping children learn to ride bikes, and love life on wheels.

University Education

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, BARCH ’93California State University, Florence, Italy 1991-1992

bC FRaME established 1998

A 16 month backpacking trip through Southern and Eastern Africa lit the fire to start a business based on creativity and giving. This was AFTER working in construction of educational facilities, Construction Program Management, Capital Expenditure Management, Architecture for educational facilities, design in Milan, and furniture in Lucca, following that order. Half welding shop/ half design studio, the business grew from making sculptural signage and furniture to public art over 5 years, morphing to a computer desk for residential construction documents in concert with a structural engineer for a few years in , to working under the mango tree making functional art objects, tables, sketches, and watercolors for over 8 years. Life evolves, and the work ebbs and flows with the changes of family. Life is good at B.C. FRaME. You should support it!

crazy looking artist back in 1997
Brian in January 2000, Rotary International Group Study exchange to India
Seoul, South Korea 2016 with installation at OMAE Gallery