Sketches and watercolors from locations around the world.   

Driven by passion for my surroundings, I worked diligently to capture that sense in both the sketch and the color layering.    Some originals were created on acid free paper sketchbooks, but most sketches were drawn on acid free watercolor paper.  The sketches were mostly drawn on location, then finished and painted in groups of a few or more, spread across a table late at night,  or maybe on a train, or at the studio ultimately.   I remember the magical time while sketching on location, and while finishing.  In the winter of 2000, I was on a Rotary International Group Study Exchange in Madras, India.  The days were fully escorted and all minutes of long days were filled.  I spent many late nights painting and writing in sketchbooks and on postcard sized sketches that I started during the day.      

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