Out of Africa and into San Joaquin County, 1999


OMAE Gallery, CocoDrifters, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA SPRING 2016

OMAE Gallery narrative – The airplane landed in Incheon at 8 PM Monday night March 28, 2016. After passing immigration, customs, exchanging currency, taking the bus, and carrying all to hotel, it was 11PM when I reached my sleeping room in Seoul. Lucky timing for me to see the Korean Young Designers Show while acclimating and organizing with the gallery for my first day on the ground. That night was additional research time to discover a plant market I could walk to the next morning. The big, most inexpensive market, is quite a trip on the subway line. How could I carry all of that bulk onto the subway? If I needed hundreds of dollars of plants, I could see that they might deliver and I might save about 50 cents per plant? I wanted to keep the closest radius possible. When I went to the market, I wanted to spread the sales around. I walked the entire stretch of vendors to see the different plant options and costs before I bought a single plant. I looked in my wallet and saw Korean Won amounting to about $75 USD. All day March 30 was selecting and purchasing plants, carrying over 50 plants for more than a half-hour walk to the gallery, hanging the cocodrifters at OMAE Gallery, and potting the plants into the coconuts! The realization from deign, fabrication, installation, planting , and photography was an individual effort by Brian Canevari, hosted by OMAE Gallery. Finally finished sweeping up at about 4:00 PM, we went to lunch, eating traditional Korean foods in a loft of a historic building about 45 seconds walk from the OMAE Gallery. Thank you Paula and Suah!