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places visited


Kyoto, Japan - 5 Day Scoping and sketching

Fukuoka, Japan - 1 Day Scoping and sketching

Busan, Republic of South Korea -1 Day Scoping and sketching

Seoul,  Republic of South Korea - 3 Day Scoping and sketching

Sydney, Australia - 5 Day Scoping and sketching

Shanghai, China  - 1 Day Furniture fair, 4 Day Scoping and sketching

Manilla, Phillipines - 5 Day Scoping and sketching

Hanoi, Vietnam - 5 Day Scoping and sketching


Bangkok, Thailand - 5 Day Scoping and sketching

Lima, Peru - 5 day  Scoping and sketching

Auckland, New Zealand - 5 day  Scoping and sketching

New Haven, Connecticut - (Yale) - 3 Day Scoping and sketching

Tokyo, Japan - 3 Day Scoping and sketching

Walker, Minnesota - one week hiking through backcountry up north

Black Rock City, Nevada  - Burningman art festival

Lucca, Italy - September town illumination and arts celebration 

Taipei City, Taiwan

Hilo, Hawaii

Hong Kong


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - 5 day  Scoping and sketching

Singapore - 3 day  Scoping and sketching
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2 day  Scoping and sketching

Venice, Italy - Biennale D'Architettura

Las Vegas, Nevada - Interbike Convention

Beijing, China - Beijing Design Week

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Designers Week

New York, New York - November and December, 2 visits total to look for galleries

San Francisco, California - Italian Film Festival and product sales scoping


San Francisco, California

Nagano to Gifu prefectures, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Japan - Hiking/ Scoping

Las Vegas, Nevada - Interbike Convention
Expo 2015  - Milan, Italy
Lucca, Italy
Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Designers Week 2015 - 5 day exhibitor
Seoul, Republic of Korea - Seoul Design Festival


Hunterville, NewZealand - 5 day temporary community  
Seoul, Republic of south Korea - Mounted installation at Omae Gallery, Insadong gu

Lucca, Italy - project leads discussion

Zurich, Switzerland - study central district

Friedrichshafen, Germany - Eurobike - Largest bike show in the world

Las Vegas, NV- Interbike Convention

New York City - October - install at Shu's Flower shop

New York City - November - install at Shu's Flower shop

San Francisco, CA
Seoul, South Korea


San Francisco bay area,