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Working with mind and hands to develop eco planters and so much more!

Brian Canevari Functional Research and Mechanical Experimentation

Functional Research = working with our  mind

Mechanical Experimentation = working with our hands 

Working with mind and hands to develop creative solutions for a better world.  

Established  1998 as a studio for creative pursuits, B.C. FRaME Inc.  is a learning space for the delivery of projects and objects with an architectonic mindset. Engage B.C. FRaME Inc. today to achieve your immediate and longterm goals with well thought out compositions for a sustainable world. #art and design #functional art #eco planters

超個性的  “ultra individual”  or

新しがり屋  “one who loves novelty” 

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Interview with Brian Canevari

Video interview from Tokyo Design Week 2015, Meiji Gardens, Omotosando, Tokyo.  




Worldwide research with hands on crafting abilities combine for thorough projects.  There are no problems, only solutions.    The future is boundless.....  We are the limit setters - so find your limit!



Years of hands on management, design, and fabrication experience builds better projects.   B.C. FRaME has the know how to get things done.  



Ever-advancing skills and perspective, striving through life in continual development.  

Past projects define the  foundation, vision fuels the abilities learned through experience, limits are set, and solutions emerge.